Fishing Tips

Cleaning Flatfish

Saltwater Fishin', Vol. 6, No. 3

Everyone’s favorite fresh-caught seafood is flounder. Here’s how to clean them like a pro.


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Plastic Worms Offer a Good Alternative Throughout the Spring Months

Fishin' Vol. 7, No. 6

On Heavily-Pressured Waters, Russ Lane Chooses Worms Instead of Jigs or Crankbaits

When Russ Lane gave up a promising baseball career to become a fulltime professional bass fisherman, he quickly realized he had to change his normal fishing strategies if he wanted to compete successfully against the best bass anglers in the world. The Yamaha Pro’s initial decision—looking for alternative lures—turned out to be one of the most important he’s ever made.


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For Pre-Spawn Bass, Try Fishing Backwards

Fishin' Vol. 7, No. 5

Each spring when he’s searching for pre-spawn bass, Matt Herren uses a fish-finding process he occasionally describes as “fishing backwards.” The Yamaha Pro first locates prime spawning flats bass will be moving to, then moves out to slightly deeper water and structure where he believes bass will staging immediately prior to their move into the shallows.


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Plugging Backwater Stripers

Saltwater Fishin' Vol. 6, No. 2

Light Tackle and Small Plugs Catch Early Season Linesiders

While the Mid-Atlantic states are still dealing with a long, cold winter, there are signs of spring showing up every day – like the robins seen pecking away on the front lawn this morning or the tiny buds of new leaves sprouting on bushes and trees. Even though it’s still cold, we are only a few weeks away from some early season striper fishing. Time to get your gear ready for action. 


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‘Positive Visualization’ Helps Palaniuk Prepare for Tournament Events

Fishin' Vol. 7, No. 4

Yamaha Pro Credits Technique with His Two Elite Wins

Brandon Palaniuk knows the mental part of professional tournament bass fishing can be as important as the physical part, so he relies on a technique known as ‘positive visualization’ to carry him through the tough days of competition. It’s something the Yamaha Pro learned as a high school wrestler, and he simply continued when he began fishing professionally in 2010.


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Delta Delights

Pack up your tackle and hook up the trailer for a world-class fishing vacation

While most tourists consider a visit to New Orleans the highlight of any trip to Louisiana, if fishing is your passion aim your sights a little further south to the famed Mississippi Delta and the town of Venice. The quality and variety of the fishing opportunities available from Venice are quite simply unsurpassed by any place in the United States, or many of the heralded fishing destinations around the world.


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Soft Plastics Still Attract Bass, Even as Water Gets Cooler

Fishin' Vol. 7, No. 1

Yamaha Pro Faircloth Shares Tips for Fishing Jerk and Creature Baits in Winter Month

Although many bass fishermen have already put away their soft plastic lures and replaced them with crankbaits and jigs now as water temperatures get cooler, Todd Faircloth isn’t one of them. Instead, the veteran Yamaha Pro is still using soft plastic jerkbaits, creature baits, and worms because he can fish them slower but still impart a lot of action to them.


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Learn How Shallow Carolina Rigging Offers a Different Presentation

Fishin' Vol. 6 No. 26

Yamaha Pro Bobby Lane Adds Personal Touch to a Traditional Technique

For more than two decades, Yamaha Pro Bobby Lane has relied on a technique and presentation known as “Carolina rigging” to propel him to the top of tournament leader boards, but, as in almost every professional bass fishing   technique, Lane adds his own personal touch. In his case, the difference is concentrating in extremely shallow water.


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Catching and Cleaning Tasty Sea Bass

Saltwater Fishin' Vol. 5, No. 12

From Southern New England to Florida, These Bottom Dwellers Are Easy to Catch for Old and Young Alik

When it comes to bottom species, anglers have closely-held beliefs about which ones are the most challenging, the most fun and the best table fare. But one thing we can all agree on is that black sea bass are abundant, easy to catch and an epicurean delight. The species is widely distributed both in their geographical range and in the depths in which they are found. 


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Casting Metal for Late-Season Smallmouth

Fishin' Vol. 6 No. 25

Rethink Spoons as a Deadly Bait for Cold-Water Smallies

As dissolved oxygen and water temperatures become more evenly distributed in water bodies in late fall, smallmouth bass can hold just about anywhere. Finding them is the key, which means presentations that cover water fast are best…and nothing covers water better than spoons. 


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