Products Carried


Exclusive Dealers

Exclusively provides sales and/or service for Yamaha Outboard products only. Also known as a “Yamaha Key Dealer.”

Full Line Outboards & Yamaha Powered Boat Packages 

Sells loose/repower Yamaha Outboards and may also sell Yamaha Outboards as part of a boat package.

Yamaha Powered Boat Packages

Sells Yamaha Outboards as part of a boat package. Loose (individual) engines are not available through Package Dealers.

Service Certifications


Factory Trained

This dealership has a technician on staff who has not only attended training at a Yamaha Marine training center, but has also completed and passed the examinations offered during the training. This dealership has also participated in other annual training opportunities offered by Yamaha Marine.

Five Star Certified

This dealership has actively engaged in all training opportunities Yamaha Marine offers, including technical training at a Yamaha Marine training center, business management training and service management training. It also means their technicians have attended and completed many of our technical training courses.

Five Star Gold Certified

This dealership is an exclusive dealer of Yamaha Marine outboard products, and meets all marine sales, marketing, service and training requirements established by Yamaha Marine. This dealership:

  • Has systems and processes in place to offer priority service for all Yamaha warranty customers
  • Prominently displays and stocks the full line of Yamaha oil, lubes and maintenance products
  • Meets the requirements for 5-Star Gold Certification at each location, if they offer multiple locations

Master Technician

This dealership has a Master Technician on its team. Master Technician is the absolute highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain, and an elite few achieve this designation.

The Yamaha Outboard Master Technician program is one of the industry’s most advanced training programs. Offered exclusively at Yamaha Marine training centers, it consists of 6 weeklong courses that include classroom and hands-on training and advanced troubleshooting. In order to earn the designation of Master Technician, one must not only complete the training program, but also pass a final certification test.

Yamalube® Exclusive Service Center

This dealership has committed to servicing Yamaha Outboards exclusively with high-quality Yamalube engine oils and Genuine Yamaha oil and fuel filters.

Yamalube oils are formulated to meet the unique demands and operating characteristics of Yamaha outboards, and Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories are engineered to work seamlessly with your Yamaha. Have your outboard serviced at a Yamalube Exclusive Service Center, and you’ll know that highly qualified technicians are using the very best products to service your Yamaha.